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Merak Celebration


Unwrap a world of sweetness with our Merak Celebration Box, thoughtfully curated to make your special moments even more memorable. This box is a celebration of indulgence, a treat for your senses, and a perfect gift for loved ones.What's inside it?1. 8 varieties of Chocolate with tasty filling inside and...

Unwrap a world of sweetness with our Merak Celebration Box, thoughtfully curated to make your special moments even more memorable. This box is a celebration of indulgence, a treat for your senses, and a perfect gift for loved ones.

What's inside it?
1. 8 varieties of Chocolate with tasty filling inside and crispy topping.
2. Cashew Almond Tin
3. Nutella Brownie
4. Diwali Special Diya

Why Choose the Merak Celebration Box?

Unparalleled Chocolate Selection: The Merak Celebration Box offers a delightful array of eight unique chocolate varieties, each carefully crafted with premium ingredients. From classic milk chocolate to zesty orange zest, it's a chocolate lover's dream come true.

Premium Quality: We take pride in the quality of our chocolates. Every piece is made with precision and passion, ensuring a consistently rich and satisfying taste.

Nuts for Nut Lovers: The addition of a Cashew Almond Tin provides a healthy and flavorful contrast to the chocolates. It's the perfect accompaniment for those who love a mix of textures and flavors.

Nutella Brownie Bliss: Our Nutella brownie is a heavenly treat for your taste buds. It's a mouthwatering blend of Nutella's creamy goodness and the irresistible charm of a brownie.

Diwali Tradition: Embrace the spirit of Diwali with our special diya, adding a touch of cultural significance to your celebrations.

Versatile Gifting: The Merak Celebration Box is a versatile gift that suits various occasions - birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, or just to brighten someone's day.

Thoughtful Packaging: Our box is elegantly designed, making it a visual treat and a perfect gift presentation.

Memorable Moments: It's not just a box of chocolates; it's a journey of flavors and emotions. The Merak Celebration Box helps create lasting memories and moments of joy.

Perfect for Self-Indulgence: Treat yourself to a moment of luxury and self-care. You deserve it!

Sharing Happiness: Gifting this box is a beautiful way to share happiness and show your loved ones how much you care.

The Merak Celebration Box is more than a collection of chocolates; it's a celebration of life's sweet moments. So, why choose Merak? Because we believe in the magic of taste, quality, and the joy of sharing. Choose Merak to make every occasion sweeter and every moment more memorable.

Delivery Instructions:
1. Our delivery options include same-day or next-day delivery. (subject to availability)
2. We package Merak Celebration with care to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.
3. Our delivery drivers are trained to handle delicate items.
4. Fix Delivery charges are applicable on any purchase from Merak Cake.
5. For same-day delivery kindly contact your nearest Merak Cake Shop.


Aditi Jadhav
6 month ago

Had ordered Crunchy Butterscotch Cake and as simple it sounds it is so much more yummy. The crunchy touch to classic butterscotch is perfect blend of fun. Affordable cost to the entire menu and a wide range of variety for all occasions.

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Aarif Shaikh
Recently Added

One shop always come to my mind for celebration. Best quality cakes and taste and flavours I have almost tried all flavours like Rasmalai, Verry berry, angoori, red velvet cheese, special truffle , hazelnut, German Merak Cake shop Vikhroli always have new flavours and also customised cakes are very different new designs all latest is available here.

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Tangy Twisters
Recently Added

Tastiest cakes at the pocket friendly rates ✨ Must try out as they have many different cake flavours, freshly baked and just melting in the mouth😋. They also have donuts, brownies, cake slices in different flavours, cupcakes, customised cakes. I tried Runch Butterscotch pastry and Chocolate tower pastry both tasted good flavoured. Also, took 5 chocolate bombs parcel for home❣️. Total bill costed Rs.170/-. Thank you ☺️

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Food Hunt
a year ago

Thank you merak for a wonderful cake on my birthday. It was customised cake and it was well made. Owner also gifted me a small gift on birthday as a service gesture which i liked the most. The taste and quality was 5/5. I been visiting merak regularly and experience is improving day by day.

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Pinaz Sharma
3 month ago

Absolutely love their cakes. They have quite a lot of variety. I like all their cakes but the best one is the red velvet cake. The pricing is good. The staff is super amazing. They are friendly, ready to listen and very helpful. The service is awesome both in terms of quality and the delivery.

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